Connecting your account to Xero

Posted by Corey Cacic • 04 February, 2021

By connecting Xero to your Annature account, Annature is able to communicate with Xero in order to retrieve information on your behalf. For more information about using connected apps with Xero, please refer to this article from the Xero support page.

How do I connect Xero to my Annature account?
To connect Xero to your Annature account, log in to the Annature dashboard and go to the Integrations page. Locate the Xero integration card and click Connect.

You will then be navigated to Xero where you will be required to select the organisation you wish to connect. You may only connect one Xero organisation to Annature at a time, if you require more than one organisation please contact our support team for a custom implementation.

When you have chosen the organisation you wish to connect, click Allow access to proceed.

Shortly after you will be returned to the Annature integrations page, and the Xero integration card will be updated to show that Xero has now been connected.