Creating an account with Xero

Posted by Corey Cacic • 04 February, 2021

You can seamlessly create a free Annature account by signing in to your Xero account. By authenticating yourself with Xero, you are not required to create and remember a password for Annature. Each time you need to log in to Annature, you can use the Sign in with Xero button.

How do I create an Annature account?
Head to and click the Sign in with Xero button.

You will then be navigated to Xero where you will be required to sign in and authenticate using your existing Xero credentials. If you are already signed in to Xero on your computer, you may not be presented with this page.

For more information about signing in to Xero, please refer to this article from the Xero support page.

The first time you sign in with Xero, you will be prompted to enter your business name and answer two short questions about your e-signing requirements. When you have answered each question, click Proceed and you will automatically be logged in to the Annature dashboard.