10,000 mortgage and finance brokers now trust Annature for eSigning

March 11, 2022

I'm delighted today to share a remarkable story - of Australian business innovation, the creation of a partnership, and what one major Australian digital business did when it encountered a lack of service from a global behemoth. 

As a founder of Annature, the leading Australian-owned eSigning platform built for the digital age, I am delighted that Salestrekker will now exclusively trust us with eSigning hundreds of thousands of documents each year. Salestrekker is used by almost 10,000 mortgage and finance brokers who rely on it to organise, collaborate and automate home loan, personal, asset, and commercial finance details. 

Annature is a technology company that operates an integrated digital signature, identity verification, and payments platform based on Stripe facilitating global transactions with organisations of all sizes. We're a globally focused solution, built on blockchain technology to ensure data remains secure and onshore at all times.

Salestrekker is at the forefront of cloud-based customer relationship software for the finance industry. And currently growing 30 percent every year.

It was using a giant international eSigning company but found its technology slow, the company inflexible and non-responsive on requests to help it improve workflows to give better service to its customers.

Having used that company product myself on and off for the past eight years I knew exactly what they were talking about. We presented Annature and discovered there were a few core features that we had not yet implemented. So, we reprioritised our development pipeline and completed a build in less than two weeks. Core features which worked, no false modesty here, 5 times quicker than what their overseas provider had.

For us as a small company, it was a big move, demonstrating our nimbleness, flexibility and innovation, and ability to collaborate - because we listen and respond. Salestrekker is a national and important brand, and this is validation of how rapidly we can scale.

As an API-driven company, we easily integrate into any system, without that company having to change everything to accommodate a new provider. As Salestrekker discovered, that mindset creates performance and more at every level. Which is what you’d expect from a partner with your interests at heart.