Munro Group of McDonald’s transforms eSigning with Annature

September 29, 2022

Annature, Australia’s award-winning eSigning and ID Verification platform, today outlined the benefits of its partnership with the rapidly growing Munro Group of McDonalds Restaurants. Implementing its eSigning platform has transformed the administration of its human resources documentation, rapidly accelerating their execution and helping to re-deploy thousands of hours back into the business.

The Munro Group of McDonald’s operates six restaurants on the New South Wales north coast and is ramping up for future growth. With a team of 700 plus, managers need signatures from staff, parents and guardians for rosters, crew policies, employment documents and award wages compliance requirements.

What once took days and even weeks is now completed in minutes and hours due to Annature’s innovative eSigning platform technology. After sending thousands of Annature eSigned documents for a year, the Munro Group benchmarked the business results:

• All 700 staff and parents and guardians can eSign
• Thousands of document ‘envelopes’ have been sent
• Annature’s automated SMS reminders see documents signed three days faster
• Every employment onboarding document is signed one week faster
• Annature eSigning platform saved 8,400 hours in admin follow up

"We switched to Annature because we’d been frustrated by the lack of flexibility and the cost-effectiveness of previous solutions. Annature has given us outstanding setup support. Hours of webinars and assistance with developing templates and APIs has streamlined our processes even further," said Harrison Hreszczuk, Munro Group of McDonald's Restaurant Communications Manager.

"Annature is efficient and keeps us compliant. Everyone has access to the latest document version, which increases productivity at every level. Staff love its user-friendly interface, and we gain extra Qantas Rewards benefits every time we eSign," he added.

As the leading Australian-owned eSigning solution with an integrated digital signature, identity verification, and payments platform built on blockchain technology, Annature offers integration with the world’s leading document management solutions and cloud storage providers. Its bank-grade security is underpinned by ISO 27001 certification to keep data, documents, and sensitive client information secure and onshore.

"Annature is an Australian company with global eSigning and ID Verification standards," said Amreeta Abbott, Annature’s CEO and founder. "Our award-winning eSigning platform offers more features for our end-users. We offer world-class ID Verification capabilities and vastly superior customer service, as the Munro Group discovered."