UK’s Conveyancing Association publishes 2024 guide on digital signatures

June 5, 2024

The leading trade body for the UK conveyancing industry, the Conveyancing Association (CA), has published its 2024 Digital Signature Guide, designed to educate conveyancers on the industry’s shift towards digital signatures and eSignature platforms. 

The guide – now available for download on the CA website – covers topics such as ensuring clients are familiar with the differences between wet-ink and digital signatures, collaboration with lenders to understand their specific requirements and preferences regarding digital signatures, and means of staying informed about digital signature regulations and practices that can affect conveyancers. 

The publication of this guide follows a recent Digital Signature Market research report by MarketDigits that projects the digital signature market will reach USD $66.01 billion by 2032, driven by cloud-based digital signature solutions and a proliferation of mobile-centric signing technology.

Beth Rudolf, Director of Delivery at the Conveyancing Association, told Mortgage Professional America: “The use of digital and electronic signatures within the home buying and selling process has the potential to provide a variety of benefits, not just in terms of helping tackle potential fraud – a significant risk for conveyancing firms – but also with regards to helping speed up the whole process…Having a quicker and more secure way of doing this clearly brings benefits, but this is also an area that is changing, and could change further in the future with a move towards qualified electronic signatures.” 

The guide is available now.