Back Beach Accounting - moving to Annature

The onboarding and assistance was fantastic, especially at a time that I was overwhelmed with a million different product demos.

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Jack Dixon

Back Beach Accounting

For clarity and background I suppose, my situation is that I had been running my business as a sort of, start up and subsidiary of another established accounting firm.

CharterNet Advisers in Sydney (parent) is where I worked for some years and when my wife got a job that moved us to Coffs Harbour in 2018, I approached the management team there about starting another branch/office up in Coffs, which went ahead and ran as a separate entity under the banner of CharterNet Coffs Coast (subsidiary).

In July this year, my business (the sub) separated from the parent entity, totally amicably of course, but I basically needed to very quickly pull together all of my own subscriptions to replace what I was going to lose by parting ways with the guys in Sydney.

Describe the problem your business faced around getting documents signed

I had been using DocuSign as a signing solution, which was working fine. It was only ever used for emails, at the time they didn't have text message capabilities. When I started looking at setting up my own account, it became apparent that the pricing was super opaque for not only Docusign but a lot of the other competitors also. In the context of looking at a lean year and needing to put in place a range of tech solutions to run the business, costing was an obvious consideration.

A separate problem that I didn’t realise that I had at the time is also that there are just some clients that aren’t that responsive on emails, so being able to send envelopes to their phone via text message quickly and easily has changed the game there too.

How has Annature helped to provide a solution to those problems?

Pricing is obviously very transparent and reasonable, so that’s a quick win. The onboarding and assistance was fantastic, especially at a time that I was overwhelmed with a million different product demos and training going on. Annature was a very easy one to onboard.

I have noticed much quicker turnaround on docs sent directly to phone via text message for signature. I don’t often use these, but for those clients that I know are more reachable on their phones, I send here and get what I need much more quickly.

What has the outcome been since adopting Annature and what has the feedback been both internally from staff and externally from clients?

So feedback from me as a sole practitioner would be overwhelmingly positive. Costing is transparent and reasonable which I really enjoy, the intuitiveness and simplicity of the user interface is fantastic. Quick and easy branding for me when sending communications to my clients is a winning feature, and templates were super easy to build and standardise for all of my documents.