Reducing onboarding period by 13 days

Streamlining our internal processes with Annature allows our restaurant teams to really focus back on the needs of the customer.

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James Mason

Brate Group McDonald's

Since implementing Annature’s market-leading eSigning technology in March 2023, we’ve seen incredible results across our five McDonald’s franchise restaurants in the Canberra region.

Previously, managers prefilled documents that were then printed, signed manually by employees, scanned and uploaded to the portal. This was a time-consuming process for all involved, with frequent delays and repeated follow-ups to secure signatures.

With a team of just under 700 employees, we require signatures primarily for part-time employment contracts and a range of other important documentation. At a competitive subscription price, Annature has dramatically sped up and simplified our handling of human resources documentation across our restaurants.

What problems did you face around getting documents signed?

As we’re frequently sending part-time employment contracts for new employees to sign, the problem we faced was ensuring employees signed their documents in a timely manner.

In the past, this required managers to follow up multiple times via phone and email, which took up valuable time. As McDonald’s is a very fast-paced business, we needed an eSigning solution that was equally quick on its feet.

In contrast to our previous system, as soon as Annature sends a document to be signed within its platform, the employee will receive text reminders to sign. Everyone receives the same information at the same time, which means there’s no chance of miscommunication.

This has been a game-changer for our efficiency, as we’ve found these text reminders are highly effective at prompting employees (who are typically in a younger demographic and frequently on their devices, but don’t always check email) to immediately sign.

What stood out about Annature?

We were drawn to Annature’s simple, easy-to-use platform and the fact that it’s an Australian owned and operated company with ISO 27001 certification. It’s also extremely well priced compared to international competitors, and the ability to earn Qantas points with every envelope sent was a strong added benefit. Since adopting Annature for our eSigning, we’re consistently impressed by the detailed reports we receive on the first of every month.

How has Annature delivered real results for your group?

In nine months, we’ve already sent over 1,000 ‘envelopes’ with Annature - primarily employment contracts to new employees (and their parents or guardians if the employee is under 18). By consistently sending reminders via text, Annature’s technology ensures any open envelopes are signed and closed quickly and efficiently.

Previously, our onboarding time for a part-time employee was 22 days, from the interview to their start date. In 2023, we’ve reduced that onboarding period to 13 days, which is attributable in large part to Annature’s time-saving technology. Annature also supports our keen focus on compliance, in line with McDonald’s standards.

To summarise, McDonald’s is all about the customer first. Simplifying and streamlining our internal processes with Annature allows our restaurant teams to really focus back on the needs of the customer, rather than distracting paperwork.