Simplifying NDIS service agreements

From day one we found it easy to use on both ends. We were desperate for something like Annature.

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Vanita Clark

Freedom Plan Management

Describe the problem your business faced when getting documents signed?

We had a huge issue getting our documents signed.  It is our Service Agreements that we require signed and without this we cannot act on behalf of our clients.  Some of our clients couldn’t print off the form or they couldn’t scan it back.  Some don’t have computers so need to do everything on their phones.  I found I would have to travel with the hardcopy to get some to sign it and then Covid hit……..

How has Annature helped provide a solution to those problems?

We did trial a few others but found them hard to use and expensive, not a good fit for our business.  We were desperate for something like Annature.

Annature has been an absolute life saver. I am not all that tech savvy and from day 1, it had been easy to use both ends. I haven’t had one client say they couldn’t work out what to do.  It has saved us so much time, so much money and it is so easy. You can see when the client has opened the document, see when they have signed it and then it is back in your inbox ready for us to sign as well.  The best phone call I have ever taken was when Corey rang me and asked if I was interested in hearing about this new electronic signature company – I think he read my mind!

What has the overall outcome been since adopting Annature for both clients and your staff?

Our business runs a whole lot smoother since we introduced Annature – I can’t explain in words how much difference it had made. Absolutely fabulous! Thank you!