Pinnacle Life moves to digital agreements with Annature

When we approached Annature, they worked with us to understand our business and what it was that we needed.

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Jane Barron

Pinnacle Life

In 1998, when we started, we were the first to offer our fellow kiwi’s the option to buy life insurance directly from a Life Insurance company, no brokers. This was a novel idea at the time!

Today we aspire to be the leading direct life insurer in New Zealand. We’ve been doing online Life Insurance longer than anyone else (in the world!) and we think we’re pretty good at it.

Pinnacle Life was started because Noel Vaughan believed that New Zealanders should be able to easily buy the life insurance they want for themselves.

Describe the problem your business faced around getting documents signed

At Pinnacle Life having to send paper documents out to customers meant getting applications and changes completed was slow and always had the possibility of getting lost or waylaid. This also meant our customers needed access to a printer, this was never easy but has become more and more difficult over the years.

Paper documents also had the problem of increased potential for error as anything not correct took longer to identify and amend. We struggled to find a digital solution that was secure enough for our requirements and integrated easily with our current systems.

How has Annature helped to provide a solution to those problems?

When we approached Annature, they worked with us to understand our business and what it was that we needed. Annature helped prioritise which documents we could get started using right away and ultimately provided a secure system that we trusted.

After using Annature for a while we found that the solution was easy for everybody to use, including our clients, and was incredibly simple to implement and get running.

What has been the outcome since adopting Annature and what has the feedback been both internally from staff using Annature and externally from your clients?

Our staff love it - even the ones that are usually resisters of change!

We all found Annature incredibly simple to use, we could just select a template, add the personal details of the client we were sending to and click send. This meant that customers were able to get things back to us straight away and this sped up the entire process.