Signing Documents 83% Faster with Annature

How PKF Sydney & Newcastle slashed document signing handling time from 30 to 5 minutes. They're signing documents 83% faster and saving our 250 hours per month.

Headshot of happy customer

Stacie Shaw

PKF Sydney & Newcastle

PKF NS has no tolerance for solutions that create inefficiencies, or inconveniences for their clients or team. The firm has deliberately cultivated relationships with the tech industry to stay at the forefront of solutions to achieve both efficiencies and happiness for those using them! Time wasted was at the crux of the issue.

“In hindsight, we realise the amount of time previously wasted. Getting the document into the previous eSigning solutions was manual.” said Stacie Shaw, Partner at PKF NS.

“It was also just another thing for everyone to remember to chase up. Then when a document was signed, the team had to manually download, rename, and re-file it.”

Client relationships are important to protect and nurture. No one likes chasing people up. No one likes to be chased. Surely there’s a better solution?

What attracted PKF NS to Annature in the first place?

Already using FYI for document management, the FYI team introduced Stacie to Annature Founder, Corey Cacic. Immediately it took the document save / upload / send / download / rename / refile process and turned it into about five clicks.

“You select the document, hit the “signature” button in FYI, and bam, you’re in Annature with an auto-drafted envelope ready to go.” Continued Stacie.

“Better yet, when the doc comes back signed, it auto-files back into FYI, with controlled versioning and can be used to trigger further automations.”

PKF NS also liked that the team had created Annature specifically to fill the gaps that other eSigning platforms have; and that it’s fiercely local, as PKFNS is proud to be.

The solution

It was about a week into Stacie’s testing with Annature, that she used the other Partners as guinea pigs, and was shocked, and immediately hooked.

“The day we implemented Annature we saw an immediate reduction in how long it takes to get a signature and get a document back.” said Stacie. "Training time is almost nothing – it’s incredibly intuitive to use."

“Clients love it – the ease-of-use with the SMS notifications, the clarity and scalability on devices, it all just makes it so EASY for them to review and action on the spot. The documents I sent to the Partners and their spouses came back signed within ten minutes. Historically I’d have had to chase them for weeks.”

Clients' businesses also benefit

The possibilities became apparent, not just for PKF NS or accounting firms, but for PKF NS's clients and wider network. There’s no kickback paid to PKF NS from Annature. PKF NS refers Annature because they believe in it.

“Annature quite quickly became the first on the list to recommend to all my clients because of how well it worked for us. It looks beautiful. It’s easy to use. It scales properly on the phone. You can sign quickly on the run. It automates a bunch of our processes. Amazing. “ said Stacie.