Making essential NDIS paperwork far simpler and faster

Swapping over to Annature has saved time internally and given peace of mind to all parties around eSigning, at Propel Support Group.

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James Carson

Propel Support Group

"Switching to Annature this year has been one of the best moves we’ve made" - James Carson, CEO, Propel Support Group.

Propel Support Group (PSG) is an NDIS support coordination provider based in Western Australia. We have a range of eSigning needs in our day-to-day work, including for NDIS service agreements, internal consent forms and NDIS applications. Prior to implementing Annature, we used another provider for eSigning, which we found to be very expensive and inflexible.

What challenges did you face in your organisation?

Switching to Annature in 2024 has been one of the best moves we’ve made as a company. While our previous provider only gave us one company log-in, Annature includes an individual log-in for each team member, so it’s easier to track what each person has sent.

Annature has also improved our turnaround speed on new referrals to as fast as one day. Instead of requests sitting unread in a participant or guardian’s email inbox, we can send referral links directly to their phone, which is much quicker and more user-friendly.

Once clients are onboarded, we also use Annature to send further NDIS documents such as change of details or change of situation forms. Participants and guardians also receive a certificate of completion, so there’s never any uncertainty about whether or not they signed. Previously, when we would receive signed documents back, we needed to forward them back to the participant; Annature removes this time-consuming step entirely.

We also appreciate Annature’s transparent and affordable pricing structure, which allows us to choose a subscription that makes sense for our needs. Additionally, as each team member has an individual log-in, clients receive a link with that team member’s contact details, rather than Propel Support Group, so that interaction is much more hands-on and personable.

How has Annature improved your processes?

Swapping over to Annature has saved time internally and given peace of mind to all parties around eSigning. We’ve had no complaints from anyone who has used Annature, and it also makes good sense cost-wise for the company, which is why we recommend it to other providers in our NDIS space.