Helping immensely in administrative paperwork

We implemented Annature’s technology to streamline our recruiting and onboarding process, the time-saving benefits were immediate.

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Nectaria Lekatis

STAR Community Services

Based in Queensland for 28 years, we are an award-winning not-for-profit organisation providing a range of aged care services including Home Care Packages, NDIS and disability support services, focused on Redlands, Ipswich, Logan, Darling Downs and Gold Coast.

What challenges did you face in your organisation?

Two years ago, when it came time to renew over 100 contracts for our external contractors, we went looking for a solution that could replace our onerous and time-consuming manual process. At the time, renewing all the contracts required the involvement of multiple people in the organisation, and it was not a fast or straight-forward undertaking. We were also facing time pressure, as we needed to get all the contracts out before they expired in our system. 

How has Annature improved your processes? 

We were lucky to find Annature, and it has helped immensely in managing our administrative paperwork as we continue to grow. 

We implemented Annature’s technology to streamline both our recruiting process and our onboarding process for contractors, and the time-saving benefits were immediate. In contrast to our previous processes, we can now set up a document in Annature and signing is completed in a matter of minutes, rather than hours or days. While some contractors require a helping hand to understand the technology, most have embraced it without any issues, which is encouraging to see. 

Additionally, when our contractor renewals occur every two years, Annature now triggers a bulk mailout, rather than us sending out contracts one at a time by email or physical packs in the mail. This has made a remarkable difference to our day-to-day capacity, freeing up time to focus on other important work. As a not-for-profit operating on a tight budget, this time saved is hugely valuable!