Streamlining agreements for McDonald’s restaurants

Having seen its successful implementation with other McDonald’s franchise groups, we adopted Annature for our restaurants.

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Jason Symons

Stockfam McDonald's

At Stockfam Pty Ltd, we manage seven McDonald's restaurants across the ACT and Goulburn, NSW, employing a total of 636 full-time and part-time staff members. 

We require signatures for a range of important documentation, including part-time employment contracts, and we found manual processes to be too slow, unreliable and susceptible to error. Having seen its successful implementation with other McDonald’s franchise groups, we adopted Annature’s eSigning technology for our restaurants. 

What challenge has Annature solved? 

Each of our employees, both existing and the 500 new part-time hires annually, requires a signed Letter of Offer. Given the fast-moving pace of our restaurants, it’s crucial that these letters are signed in a timely fashion by the new employees and the relevant manager is immediately notified. 

Annature’s technology has dramatically simplified and expedited this process for us. Through its user-friendly platform, we can swiftly send out letters for electronic signatures, including those requiring a parent's signature for employees under 18. These Letters of Offer are available as a template within Annature, which is much more efficient for all parties. 

This has significantly reduced the administrative burden of managing physical paperwork and ensures timely completion of documentation. Thanks to Annature, our signature acquisition process is seamless, allowing us to focus on our core operations. Additionally, its pricing is highly competitive compared to international equivalents, and support is always on-hand when required. 

Our staff love Annature’s streamlined interface and ease-of-use, and we’ve collectively won back valuable time to improve our restaurants.