Streamlining seller agreements for rapid growth

Since we’ve implemented Annature to take on the ‘grunt work’, our team members have more time to prioritise human interactions with sellers, which is a win-win.

Headshot of happy customer

Kerry Kingham

The Chooze Shop

"As our NDIS-friendly online product marketplace grows, we needed a fast, intuitive solution to send seller agreements." - Kerry Kingham. CEO, The Chooze Shop.

The Chooze Shop is an online marketplace for a wide range of NDIS-approved disability equipment, assistive technology and supplies, with 130 sellers and 2,000 products at present. We’re currently in an aggressive growth phase, with the aim of growing to 1,000 sellers and 30,000 products.

What challenges did you face in your organisation?

Each seller who comes onboard needs to sign a seller agreement that outlines our terms and conditions. As we grow, we identified a real need to automate that process with an eSigning option that we could include as part of the sellers’ onboarding process and integrate with our CRM, HubSpot, so it forms a part of our pipeline. 

We weighed up several possible solutions, considering ease of use and the ability for people to use the technology who aren’t an existing user. We found the perfect fit with Annature, as its functionality made it easy for our small team of eight to bring on new sellers at volume. As soon as our customer success team receives a verbal agreement from a potential seller that they want to join the platform, they trigger the seller agreement to be automatically sent through Annature.

Previously, we’d attach the agreement to an email and explain to the seller what they needed to sign. Annature has made this step significantly easier for sellers to sign on the go, as a lot of these small business owners don’t have the time to be at their computer signing documents. Annature’s automatic reminders have also saved valuable time for our team members, who don’t need to follow people up or check what’s been sent back.

How has Annature improved your processes?

When we first came on-board, Annature’s support team assisted us with a bulk send to our database of 130 existing sellers, as we didn’t have a seller agreement in place when they joined the platform. This has brought our database up-to-date with our current terms and conditions, which has further professionalised our operations. 

Annature’s support team was also very hands-on during the onboarding process to integrate Annature with HubSpot, so we can easily track seller agreements in our CRM dashboard. This has given us greater transparency around reporting as well, making it very easy to track how team members are performing against their KPIs. 

In summary, Annature has been a great asset to our business. In our initial discussions, Annature was very flexible about our needs, offering a fair pricing model without the lock-in contract of other eSigning providers. We also appreciated the ease of setup and upskilling of our team. Since we’ve implemented Annature to take on the ‘grunt work’, our team members have more time to prioritise human interactions with sellers, which is a win-win.